Why choose Davicom?

The value:

  • Improved operational reliability through remote monitoring and control

  • Reduced site maintenance costs by optimizing site trips and on-site repair time

  • More efficient employees that will be more relaxed and have more time to accomplish other important tasks

  • A site to technician ratio of up to 35, depending on your type of operation

  • Detailed knowledge of site problems so you bring the right replacement part with you

  • Top quality construction with proven and tested Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Easy communications with your site. You're just a click away, from anywhere in the world!

What we do differently:

  • We give you prompt support and service

  • We have friendly & knowledgeable staff that is happy to help when you have a problem

  • We build robust, future-proof, powerful and flexible products that make your job easier

  • We develop remote monitoring & control products with passion, and have been doing so for our customers for over 20 years

  • We rely on your ideas and opinions to feed our user-driven product innovation!

Our customers:

Thousands of users around the world rely on Davicom products every day of the year. Our top priority is to support them well beyond what is usually provided and expected. Davicom systems are used worldwide by industry leaders such as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Bell mobility, stations of the US Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Quebec Provincial Police as well as Environment Canada.

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