Answers to YOUR questions

1. What does Davicom offer? We offer you eyes, ears, hands and a brain at your remote sites.

2. What does Davicom offer that no one else has? A reliable,highly configurable, advanced/intelligent system with excellent customer support.

3. What does Davicom offer of value? We will make your employees more efficient. They will travel less to remote sites. They will take less time to fix problems. They will be more relaxed. They will have time to accomplish other important tasks.

4. How do Davicom products compare to others I have seen? Top-quality construction, Electromagnetic compatibility proof (EMC), advanced features, etc. See them under test at:

5. Is it real-world? Davicom intelligent systems are monitoring transmission sites and improving the efficiency of public safety agencies, two-way radio and broadcast operations around the globe.

6. Will it work in our environment? Yes. -40 to 158°F(-40 to 70°C) in hostile EMC environments (RF, Lightning, power bumps...).

7. How will it impact our people? It will make them more efficient. Depending on your operation, one technician can maintain up to 35 sites remotely.

8. How could it impact our success? Your reponse time to equipment failure will be faster, your communication network will be more reliable, and your customers will benefit from better service. There will be less downtime in your system. Ultimately, your customer's satisfaction will be greater.

9. Will senior or executive management buy in? Yes, when they see the Site Maintenance Cost Calculator and take note of the ROI.

10. How will we profit as a result of the purchase? Your savings in time and money will pay for the unit within 12 to 24 months. After that, the profit goes where you want it. Units have an expected lifespan of 10 years.

11. How will it come together? Our products are shipped will all the necessary documentation (manuals, installation guide), software, cables and accessories.

12. How do we get up to speed on these systems? We offer demo units & training to bring you up to a level of comfort where you are ready to purchase. We also offer advanced post sales training to customers.

13. How do we buy? With a credit card or by opening an account with us. Note that even though we are located in Canada, all our shipping to and from the US goes through Champlain NY, so US customers don't have to deal with customs and duty fees. We take care of all that for you.

14. What's the risk factor in buying? Low. We've been doing this for 20+ years and provide top-notch support. We also put much effort into ensuring you're getting exactly what you need for your sites. We have a money-back guarantee - if you don't like what you have, how it works or how we support it, please advise us within 3 months of your purchase, return the equipment and we'll refund you.

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