Technical Bulletins



TB-004b - S-TEMP Connection Procedure

The S-TEMP Temperature Sensor has been replaced by the TS4085 and this bulletin only concerns S-TEMP units already in 

the field. It covers specifications, user connections, input voltage and output voltage range, Thevenin equivalent
series resistance, output for infinite load, procedure to connect to Davicom units, and sensor coefficients and scale
for DavLink.

TB-024a - TS4085 Connection Procedure

Procedure to connect, configure and install the indoor Temperature Sensor (TS4085-I) and the outdoor Temperature Sensor 

(TS4085-O), including detailed installation procedures as well as Davicom units connection procedures.


TB-031 - BPS1050/5095 Bidirectional RF Power Sensor Calibration.

TB-034 (Rev 2) - Installation and setup of the BPS1050/5095 with a Davicom Unit.


TB-027 - Use of Current Sourcing Sensors with Davicom Units

Detailed procedure allowing the use of sensors with current output (4-20 mA) instead of voltage output on newer Davicom
units (Serial numbers MACBxxxxx-1054 and higher).

DAVICOM UNITS (hardware)

TB-007 - Davicom Unit Battery Discharge Test.

Procedure to configure the battery discharge test, including configuration of the start and stop relays, test duration
and external timer as a fail-safe mechanism. The procedure also explains how to use the battery voltage to qualify the
battery discharge test.

TB-009 - Removal of MAC24/32 (earlier generation) Second Stage Assembly.

Procedure to remove (and re-install) the second stage assembly from the MAC24/32 unit in order to access the first stage 

assembly of the unit.

TB-010 - Upgrade Instructions MAC16 to MAC24/32 (earlier generation).

Procedure to expand a MAC16 unit into a MAC24/32 unit, including upgrade parts listing, front panel cable connections 

and upgrade instructions.

TB-017 - Delays on Power Failure Detection.

Use of a large capacity wall-wart power supply acting as an AC Indicator on a Davicom unit can cause delays on unit 

power failure detection, and might require the insertion of a bleeder resistor.

TB-021 - Proper Heat Sinking of the 5 VDC Regulator on Davicom Units

Re-installation procedure of the older plastic case regulators as well as the newer metal-backed regulators using the
factory-installed metal screw.

TB-022 - Use of the Factory-Supplied Calibration Connectors with Davicom Units

Procedure to calibrate the analog (metering) inputs using the calibration/dummy connectors, and how to make up your own 

connectors if you lose those supplied with Davicom units.

TB-023 - Davicom Communication Board Replacement

Step by step procedure with pictures, including what to do if your Davicom unit does not have a RJ-45 connector hole on 

the back panel.

TB-030b - CHAMP Connector Pinout and Cable Colour Code.

DAVICOM UNITS (programming)

TB-013 - Converting Davicom Log File to MS Excel Compatible Format

Procedure to enable conversion of a Davicom unit log file date format into the MS Excel format.

TB-016 - Using Various Analog Sensors with a Davicom Unit

Use of any analog sensor that can translate physical quantities into electrical voltages, input voltage range selection, 

procedure to connect to Davicom units, sensor calibration, correction curve software, and configuration of scales,
coefficients and units.


DAVICOM UNITS (communications)

TB-014 - Using a PDA as a Local Terminal with a Davicom Unit

See FAQ section.

TB-015 - Using a USB-to-Serial Port Adapter to Communicate with a Davicom Unit

See FAQ section.

TB-018 - Davicom Unit Serial-Port Access to External Equipment

Detailed procedure to connect ancillary equipment at the site to the Davicom unit's rear panel serial ports in order to
allow communications with this equipment. Includes information about possible effects.

TB-019 - MAC-to-User Traps

Procedure to configure Davicom units to send traps to specific computers when major or minor alarms occur, installation 

of SNMP Trap Watcher if you do not have DavNet, how to avoid security problems associated with SNMPv2. For more
information on the Davicom SNMP compatibility, see FAQ section.

TB-020 - Unit-to-Unit Traps

Procedure to activate a remote backup transmitter automatically or to perform other remote operations, how to avoid 

security problems associated with SNMPv2, trap acknowledgement after a trap is sent.


TB-008g - Upgrading MacComm Software to Version 5.40 & Upgrading MAC+ Firmware to Version 2.42 or 4.30

Minimum hardware requirements for MAC+ and MiniMAC+ units, and detailed procedure to upgrade MacComm software, MAC+ firmware and IP module firmware. Includes the procedure to restore passwords if they become invalid.

TB-012 - PCMCIA Powers off when DavLink Frees Equipment Communication Port

Operating system requirements and procedure to make the necessary changes to Windows 2000/XP registry in order to 

prevent the PCMCIA modem from turning off when DavLink frees equipment communication ports.

TB-025 - Problems Logging On to DavLink in NT Technology-Based Windows OS

Procedure to follow if you want to logon to DavLink on a PC running on NT technology-based Windows OS using a different 

username than the system administrator, or if you reinstall DavLink on your PC.

TB-028 - Adding a Shortcut to DavLink

Detailed procedure allowing the creation of a shortcut to DavLink on your Desktop.


TB-006b - RM10ABB Connection Procedure

Procedure to connect the RM10ABB power supply to a Davicom unit.


TB-001 - Additions made to the DAPD

Description of changes made to the Dual Audio Presence Detector (DAPD) in order to avoid loading of the audio line, to
reduce RF interference and to reduce the effects of lightning spikes.


TB-002 - Additions made to the DVPD

Description of changes made to the Dual Video Presence Detector (DVPD) in order to reduce the effects of lightning
spikes and to avoid RF interference.

TB-032 - DVPD Correction Note (Adding resistors and diodes).


TB-011 - FMPM Correction Note (C9 and C17 Replacement)

Procedure to replace capacitors C9 and C17 of the FM Power Monitor (FMPM) in order to synchronize the two internal
clocks if cross coupling results in unwanted audio noise.

TB-029 - FMPM Capacitor Assembly Issue

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