DC Current sensor (20A) 

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The SDCCS-1/020 DC Current Sensor provides an analog DC Voltage output that is proportional to the DC current passing through its terminals. Its comes with a 3 meter (10ft) long cable, 3 x 22 AWG wires. The sensor is compatible with all Davicom Remote Monitoring and Control Systems. For readings in ADC, enter the following A, B, C and D coefficients values in the desired Davicom Metering Input configuration screen

A= 0, B = 10, C = -25, D =0



Input Current:

0 to 20 DC Amperes

Supply Voltage & Current:

5 VDC (±10%), less than 14mA

Output Voltage:

0.50 - 4.5 VDC (0A=2.5 VDC)

Sensor Resistence:

0.25 milliohm


±1% of full scale at 25ºC

Isolation Voltage:

3 kV RMS minimum

Surge Rating:

900 amps for 1 second pulse,

1%maximum duty cycle for repetitive pulses.

Operating temp. range:

-40ºC to + 80ºC

(-40ºF to 176ºF)


3m (10 ft) cable, 3 x 20 AWG

White = +5VDC supply

Black = common (ground)

Green = DC Output






Overall dimensions:

65 x 89 x 38 mm

(2.55" x 3.5" x 1.5)

(W x D x H)


~ 200g (0.43 lbs)

Current terminals:

1/4 -20 Aluminium

studs (nuts and lock washers included)

Mounting holes (2)

4.83mm (0.19") dia



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