Split Core Current Transformer 50A (for use with ACPM Power Meter only)

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The SCCT series of split core transformers can be installed without disconnecting the circuit being measured thus making installation easier and safer. They have a 333 mV AC full-scale output. The epoxy encapsulated housing ensures stability and long-term performance.

Models are available for 50 Amps (SCCT-1 /50), 250 Amps (SCCT-1 /250) and 1500 Amps (SCCT-1 /1500) measuring ranges. 8ft-leads are provided with the /250 and /1500 models and 3ft-leads are provided with the /50 model.

See product specifications.

IMPORTANT: These current transformers are specifically designed to be used with our ACPM-1 WattNode AC Power Meter.

If you are looking for general purpose DC-output current transformers, please click here.

333 mV AC
0.5% (250A model)
1.0% (50A & 1500A models) from 10% to 130% of rated current
Phase angle
< 2° for all models

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