Three Phase AC Power Meter 208-240VAC (Self-powered, also compatible with 120VAC installations)

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The ACPM-1/208-240 is a self-powered kilowatt hour (kW.h) energy and power meter that communicates on an EIA RS-485 network. The device can be installed on 1, 2 or 3-phase electric power systems operating at voltages up to 208VAC. Suitable for "Y" installations only. 

The ACPM-1 offers a high accuracy current measurement over a 5A to 5000A range when used with the proper SCCT Series transformer.

The unit communicates over a half-duplex EIA RS-485 interface. Standard baud rates are 9,600 and 19,200 baud. The ACPM-1 uses the industry standard Modbus RTU (binary) communication protocol, allowing up to 127 units per RS-485 subnet.

Its compact size allows for installation inside most electrical service panels and junction boxes. Detachable screw terminals makes wiring easy.

See product datasheet here.

NOTE: A USB-to-RS485 adapter (available here) or a MEXM-1 or -2 is required to connect an ACPM-1 to a Davicom unit.

Supply Voltage
208-240V, 480V, 600V (depending on model)
Power Line Frequency
50 or 60 Hz
Operating Voltage Range
-20% to +15% of nominal
CT Input
0.333 Vac nominal
Driver Output Voltage
± 1.5V (54 Ohms load)
5.63 x 3.34 x 1.5 in.(W x D x H)
143 x 85 x 38 mm
10.8 oz (0.36 kg)

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