Ultra-Sonic Fuel Level Sensor for tanks up to 2 metres in height. +5 to +40°C range only.

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Ultrasonic Fuel/Water Level Sensor, 0.2 to 2 meter-deep tanks, 0-5V Output.

Works with petrol, diesel, clean water, greywater and blackwater.

It is advised that the FLS-U/S is not to be used with explosive chemicals of any kind.

Measurement Method : Acoustic sonic measurement;

Operating Temperature Range : 4°C to 65°C;

Tank Depth : 0–2000 mm (6.5 ft);

Accuracy Range : 0–2000 mm (6.5 ft) at 2 mm accuracy;

Full Scale Accuracy : +/- 2%-5% Full-Scale Accuracy;

Mounting : SAE 5 stud mounting pattern with gasket, seal and screws (top mount only).

Tank Type Style : Metal and plastic with non linear capacity

Requires securityProbe 5E or E-Sensor8 expansion module

Communications Cable : RJ-45 jack to base unit using UTP CAT5 cable.

Communications Cable Max. length: 100ft (30 meters)

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