Rack mount tray only  for Scientel products

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The Scientel tray is a rack-mount unit that allows up to four Scientel broadcast interfaces/MAC sensors to be installed side-by-side in the site equipment rack.


The tray can integrate a small optional 120 VAC AC/DC adapter providing +5 VDC / 0.86 A, +12 VDC / 0.3 A and -12 VDC / 0.3 A.  This AC/DC adapter is fitted with pigtail wires that connect directly to the Scientel units. It can provide the necessary voltage for a small number of Scientel units. For larger installations, refer to the rack-mounted Scientel Power Supply.

Tray Size:

  • 1 RU
  • 19 X 12 X 1 ¾ inches (W x D x H)
  • 48.3 X 30.5 X 4.4 cm (W x D x H)

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