Site simulator for 1 I/O card incl. Internal Universal Supply for DV208/216 

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The Davicom Site Simulator has been designed to validate and test your Davicom system configurations. It allows easy test, experimentation and training with your units off-line, in the lab.

The simulator provides all input signals required by units, and can accept external analog and digital signals.

The front panel has 16 switches to validate and test each of the 16 status inputs of Davicom units. It also has 16 LEDs which will light when their respective relay is closed. Finally, 8 potentiometers can apply a DC voltage to any of the metering inputs.

Note that  simulator switches can be bypassed and the digital input controls can be provided by the Davicom’s unit relay outputs. This feature can be achieved by removing the corresponding jumper and hardwiring the relay output to the digital input of your choice.


External audio can be connected to up to 4 audio inputs at the back of the unit. These audio inputs can then be selected and monitored for quality over a phone line connected to the unit.

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