28 September 2006

Visit us at SBES 2006 in Birmingham, UK, November 15-16

In collaboration with Radica, Comlab is presenting its Next Generation Davicom MAC at the SOUND BROADCASTING EQUIPMENT SHOW®, the UK's only show dedicated entirely to SOUND BROADCASTING. Visit us at booth #58 !


Leading broadcasters around the world rely on Davicom MAC units to remotely monitor and control their transmitter sites and unattended studios, allowing them to reduce their operating costs and downtime.


Next generation MAC units now include secure, 128-bit encrypted IP communications (LAN, WAN, Internet), and can accommodate two modems (one as a primary link using landline, and a backup using GSM for example). Also, up to 4 different users can connect simultaneously to the units.


Each unit has 128 timers (to program AM day/night pattern changes, set up multiple alarm-call lists for day/night work shifts or vacations, etc.), 128 virtual logic gates and mathematical functions (to program more conditional actions and complex logic operations), and 128 virtual relays (all physical and virtual relays can be configured for latch & follow modes, and variable pulse length).


Visit us at Radica Broadcast Systems' booth #58 and try our exciting Next Generation Davicom MAC remote monitoring and control system for the broadcast industry.

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