14 November 2012

NOW AVAILABLE ! New Version 5.48 Remote Site Monitoring Software & Firmware

Davicom is pleased to announce the release of its Version 5.48 Firmware and MacComm Software version for use with the MAC line of Monitoring, Alarm and Control products.

Download of the firmware and software is free of charge from the Member Support page.
Among the principal additions to this new version are support for SNMP v3, along with support for our new Davicom DADS-01 product, a digital audio detector-switcher device.

Other new features in version 5.48 include a URL browser function that allows users to select and directly display in the MacComm workspace the web interface of other equipment, eg., the Nautel transmitter AUI, as well as, a new one-button DTMF macro function. The one-button macro feature allows users to program a sequence of DTMF commands to be executed using a single dial-pad button on the telephone.
Version 5.48 Firmware offers the following new features:
  1. Davicom MAC can now bridge PPP and IP connections for backup site access
  2. Web server home page is now configurable, for both mobile & desktop views
  3. SNMP agent and Manager are now SNMP V3 compliant
  4. New DTMF Quick Commands facilitate site control via telephone
  5. Support for direct connection of Davicom DADS-01 AES/EBU Audio Detector Switcher device
Version 5.48 MacComm Software offers the following new features:
  1. Supports remote web access to site peripherals (direct integration of equipment URL's)
  2. Supports SNMP V3 Agent and Manager
  3. Added ABCD coefficients for SNMP GETs
  4. Added support for Davicom DADS-01 AES/EBU Audio Detector Switcher device
  5. Added ability to adjust Audio Monitoring volume level
MacComm workspaces now include direct integration of equipment URLs

To see all the new features of version 5.48, click here.
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