21 March 2012

NOW AVAILABLE ! New Version 5.46 Remote Site Monitoring Software & Firmware

The newest firmware & MacComm versions for the Davicom MAC remote monitoring and control system.

Version 5.46 is now available, simply download it from the Support section of our website. In order to download the newest version you must first have a login access code which is provided once you become a Davicom member.

Listed below at the newest software/firmware features:

1. Adapted IP audio monitoring support for TCP/IP.

2. Support for the 8-station scanning mode of the FM Broadcast Monitor.

3. New view screen for the FM Broadcast Monitor.

4. Added Workspace visualisation of FMBM data by attaching flag IDs to graphical elements (List of flag IDs: Power, Frequency Drift, Deviation, Stereo, FMBM Status).

5. Added workspace visualisation of SNMP GET data by attaching GET IDs to graphical elements.

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