10 February 2012

New MAC Expansion Module from Davicom !

Davicom is pleased to introduce the new MAC Expansion Module (MEXM-1) for its intelligent remote site monitoring and control systems.

The MEXM-1 cost-effectively adds extra Input/Output capability to any one of our MAC products, including the MicroMAC.
Each MEXM-1 adds 24 Metering Inputs, 24 Status Inputs and 24 Relay Outputs that are automatically integrated into the MAC's powerful control, monitoring and automation functions. A MicroMAC with a single MEXM-1 yields a total of 32 Metering Inputs, 32 Status Input and 32 Relay Outputs. Up to 8 MEXM-1 units can be used together and, if connected to a MAC216, will give a total of up to 144 Metering Inputs, 224 Status Inputs and 104 Relay Outputs. Metering input ranges cover ±2.5, ±5, ±10, ±25 and ±50V.
Davicom, a division of Comlab Inc, manufactures intelligent remote site monitoring and control systems that help reduce operating costs and downtime. In business since 1984, the company's systems are used by leading broadcasters and telecom operators around the world.
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