14 January 2014

New Low Power FM Monitoring Kit introduced by Davicom.

Davicom is pleased to announce the availability of its Low Power FM Site Monitoring Kit for LPFM stations.

Full details are available at http://www.davicom.com/lpfm-starter-kit
FCC rules for unattended operation of LPFM stations require that all installations have a tamper-proof monitoring and control system that allows the transmitter to be turned-off within a short time in case it malfunctions and causes interference to other services.
For more details about this subject, see the related FCC page at http://transition.fcc.gov/eb/bc-chklsts/EB18LPFM06_2008.pdf
Contact Davicom for answers to your technical questions at dvsupport@davicom.com or pricing needs at dvsales@davicom.com
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