28 April 2015

Full house at Davicom's NAB 2015 DEX breakfast !

A big thank-you to all the participants and presenters at our first Davicom EXchange (or DEX) breakfast at Harrah’s in Las Vegas during the 2015 NAB.

The DEX, as we've come to call it, is the place where people, be they power users, novices, or just wondering if they want to get into the Davicom world, can exchange application information, programming notes, configuration files, workspaces or just browse through the ideas that are posted.
The main DEX location is the Facebook Group (which is different from Davicom's Facebook Page). The DEX Group, which is private for the time being, is the place where approved members can post files, download files and exchange ideas. Some of these postings will eventually find their way onto the Davicom web site in the Applications Section. Members are also invited to use the Group's Facebook infrastructure to share Davicom files amongst themselves.
The DEX also has a physical time & location and it is the annual breakfast meeting on Tuesday morning at Harrah's during the NAB in Las Vegas.
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