2 April 2013

FREE Remote Control Meter Interface for BDI DPS-100D !

Broadcast Devices Inc and Davicom are pleased to announce the release of the first direct-connection interface between their products.

Thanks to the Davicom's built-in SNMP manager and to the DPS-100D's SNMP agent, the interface allows easy, one-cable interconnection between BDI's DPS-100D and the DV-Mini or DV-208/216 products running firmware V5.48 or higher.

The interface consists of a Cat-5 cable, a DV Configuration file and DavLink Workspace file that can be simply downloaded into any Davicom Mini or Davicom 208/216 unit and PC. The files (for F/W v5.48) are free of charge and available for download here .
DPS-100 NEWS_W300.jpg
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