24 March 2014

Free remote control interface for Inovonic 610 Internet Monitor

Inovonics and Davicom are pleased to announce the release of the first free direct-connection interface between their products.

Thanks to Davicom's DV-Mini and DV-208/216 built-in SNMP manager and to Inovonic's 610 Internet Monitor SNMP agent, easy interfacing between the DV's and the Inovonics is allow using a simple network cable interconnection between the two.

The actual interface setup consists of a DV configuration file and a DavLink Workspace file.
The DV units must be running firmware v5.48 or higher in order to get SNMP capabilities. Not available in DV-Micro unit.
The files are free and will be available soon. Contact us for more information.
Inivonics NEWS (Mobile).jpg
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