17 May 2010


Comlab announces the End-Of-Sale of its Davicom MAC+ units due to the unavailability of certain key electronic components.

Beginning November 30th 2010, Comlab will no longer be accepting orders for delivery of the Davicom MiniMAC+, MAC8+, MAC16+, MAC24+ and MAC32+ products.

Comlab will continue to provide repair services for existing MAC+ products for as long as its parts inventory allows. At the present rate of repair, this means a period of 2 to 3 years starting November 30th 2010 for the processor board. Other boards in the MAC+ products are still being manufactured and are not a limiting factor for duration of support.  Comlab will continue to support the embedded firmware of these units for the next 5 years, or until November 30th 2015. No new functionality will be added however.
The MacComm software is constantly evolving but it nevertheless remains compatible, and will remain compatible, with all existing MAC, MAC+ and MAC2 products. Upcoming versions of MacNet, the Network Operations Center software, will also continue to support all hardware versions of MAC, MAC+ and MAC2 products.

The Davicom MAC+ family of products has been extremely successful in delivering superior value and performance to broadcasters and telecom site operators for their remote site monitoring & control needs since 1993. Following this End-Of-Sale Notice, customers are encouraged to migrate to the Davicom MAC2 family of products which offer superior performance, additional functionality and increased memory capacity over the MAC+ products.  An advantageous upgrade/swap-out program is available. Depending on the age of the MAC+ unit, certain internal PC boards may be re-usable on new MAC2 products. With this recuperation of parts, savings of up to 50% can be attained. To be eligible for these upgrade prices, old MAC+ units must be returned to the factory once the refurbished MAC2 unit is received.



For more details call +1-877-282-3380 or contact us via web at www.davicom.com/contact

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