9 July 2014

Davicom SNMP Remote Site Monitoring Systems to be presented at the 2014 Texas Association of Broadcasters

Renaissance Austin Hotel, August 7, 2014, Booth #19.

Reliable and comprehensive remote monitoring and control technology is essential for stations with remote transmitter sites. Davicom units provide automation with decision-making features and commands that go well beyond conventional telemetry systems. They allow immediate access to real-time sites information including (and not limited to):

- Transmitter/two way radio status
- RF power, antenna VSWR, audio/video levels
- Main and backup power status and parameters
- Temperature, humidity, tower lighting
- Fire alarm and building security status
Davicom units feature a built-in SNMP Manager* that allow users to obtain readings, set controls and receive alarms from SNMP-capable equipment and accessories. This monitoring and control is achieved over IP, thus greatly facilitating and reducing interface wiring.

Come visit us and Texas based dealer Fort Bend Broadcast Services at booth #19 !
Full information regarding the TAB trade Show & Convention here https://www.tab.org/convention-and-trade-show

The Texas Association of Broadcasters is an Austin-based trade association representing the interests of Texas' 1,200+ free, over-the-air radio and television stations. The group was formed in 1953 and his established permanent home in Austin in 1999 with nine full-time staff members and 40-member policymaking Board of Directors.

*Not available in DV-Micro units.

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