13 April 2012

Davicom Site Monitoring SNMP Manager

Davicom is pleased to introduce its built-in SNMP Manager in the MAC Remote Site Monitoring and Control Systems.

The Davicom MAC built-in SNMP Manager allows users to take readings, set controls and receive alarms from SNMP enabled devices such as transmitters.  This monitoring and control is achieved over a simple RJ-45 TCP/IP connection between the MAC and the device, thus greatly facilitating interface wiring.  This I/O functionality is fully integrated into the MAC's powerful Virtual Logic Gate structure to take full advantage of all of the MAC's features.
For your information, the Davicom MAC systems also have a built-in SNMP agent to allow monitoring and control from a central SNMP Manager.  When activated, this agent allows remote SNMP management systems to perform GETs, SETs and to receive traps from MAC units.
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