14 October 2014

Davicom Response to Shellshock Bash bug in Linux OS

Davicom has completed its analysis of the recently discovered Shellshock Bash bug and wishes to advise its customers that we have not been able to exploit any security vulnerabilities related to the Linux OS in our Davicom remote control and monitoring units.

Also, please note that it is not possible to access Linux in any Davicom unit that is behind a firewall, a router, or only accessible by VPN.


However, to ensure that our systems remain fully protected for future, as yet unknown vulnerabilities with the Bash bug, we have released a new firmware version which patches the current Bash bug vulnerability.


This new firmware build is available for all DV-Micro, DV-Mini and DV-208/216 units and can be downloaded by registered users from the Davicom website.


NOTE: Older generation MAC, and MAC+ units (8/16/24/32) do not have a Linux OS, and thus are not susceptible to the Bash bug vulnerability.

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