14 March 2014

Davicom Remote Monitoring will launch new products for broadcast facilities at the NAB 2014 Conference

Davicom will introduce its new products at the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters Conference April 7 to 10, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Booth # C1111 (central hall).


Davicom will be presenting the following additions to its line of Intelligent SNMP Remote Monitoring, Alarm and Control Systems: 


· MEXM-2, 64 Digital Input Expansion Module

· Dav2You Application for Android devices

· Upgraded AM/FM Broadcast monitor, now with Multiplex (MPX) I/O and optional AES-EBU
  digital audio output
· Remote Control Interface (workspace) for Inovonics 610 Internet Radio Monitor



Davicom is also presenting a new version of its firmware and software for its line of DV Remote Monitoring Systems. 


Highlighted features of this 5.52 version include:

• Support for new MEXM-2 units
• Direct configuration and control of inputs via Web server view screen
• Faster network pings for rapid detection of network issues
• Full integration of expansion devices (MEXM Expansion I/O module, ModBus I/O devices,

   DADS Dual Audio Detector & Switcher and FMBM AM/FM Broadcast Monitor) into SNMP MIB
• Group DTMF commands for faster/easier telephone control functionality



Davicom systems allow remote monitoring and control of remote sites, thereby reducing operating costs and downtime. They allow access to real-time site information like transmitter/two way radio status, RF power, antenna VSWR, audio/video levels, main power, temperature, tower lighting, fire alarm and building security status (proper sensors are required and are sold separately). Davicom units provide automation with decision-making features and commands that go well beyond conventional telemetry systems. 



Davicom units feature a built-in SNMP Manager (not available in DV-Micro) that allows users to take readings, set controls and receive alarms from most SNMP enabled devices such as transmitters and power bars. This monitoring and control is achieved over a simple TCP/IP, thus greatly facilitating interface wiring.



The NAB Show is the world's largest digital media industry event attended by leading media, entertainment and communications professionals who share a passion for the next generation of video and audio content across multiple platforms from television, radios and computers, to phones and big screen, and beyond.

Davicom Booth #C1111 located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre. 
We look forward in seeing you at the show!
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