27 August 2015

Davicom Remote Control Interface for the entire BE STX line!

Broadcast Electronics and Davicom are pleased to announce the release of the first direct-connection interface between their products. Thanks to the Davicom’s built-in SNMP manager and to the SNMP agent found in every transmitter of BE’s STX line, interfacing is as easy as connecting one network cable between the transmitter and the DV-Mini or DV-208/216 products.

The interface consists of a Cat-5 cable, a DV Configuration file and DavLink Workspace file that can be simply downloaded into any Davicom Mini or Davicom 208/216 unit and PC.
The DavLink workspace has been adapted to give the same look and feel as the STX's web page, thus ensuring easy migration from one interface to the other. Make no mistake however, the Davicom's view is a sophisticated Machine to Machine interface where the DV is talking and listening to the STX transmitter and applying its powerful control and monitoring capabilities without human intervention.
The files are free of charge and available for download from the Davicom web site at www.davicom.com/BE-STX.
Contact Davicom at 1-877-282-3380 or www.davicom.com/contact
Contact Broadcast Electronics at 217-224-9600 or at www.bdcast.com
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