4 March 2013


In order to help our customers more easily identify our products, Davicom is pleased to announce the following changes, effective immediately.

We will be dropping the word MAC in all our product and software references. The products will henceforth be referred to as Davicom Remote Controls, with the actual models being designated as follows:

· DV-Micro replaces the MicroMAC

· DV-Mini replaces the MiniMAC

· DV-208/216 replaces the MAC208/216

The different software programs are also being renamed as follows:

· DavLink replaces MacComm

· DavNet replaces MacNet

All hardware and software will continue to offer their usual high level of functionality and robustness. This is only a name/reference/SKU change and has no other impact on the operation of our products.

Effects of these changes are expected to be minimal since most users and people in the industry already refer to our products as “Davicoms”

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