26 September 2014

Davicom is pleased to announce that its newest products have passed FCC and Industry Canada EMC tests at an independent lab with flying colours.

The latest versions of our MEXM-2 Digital Input Expansion Module, FM Broadcast Monitor, Digital Audio Detector/Switcher, and MEXM-1 I/O Expansion Module have passed FCC Part 15-Subpart B15 and Industry Canada ICES-003/Issue 5 tests at Global EMC Inc, an independent testing and certification lab.

Note that Davicom's other products, such as the DV series of remote control units, have already been tested and successfully passed FCC and IC requirements in the past.  All our products also satisfy CE requirements, which include not only conducted and radiated emissions test, but conducted and radiated immunity as well. Excellent RF immunity cannot be optional for equipment that is installed in sites where high RF levels and frequent lightning are normal conditions.
Comlab is one of the only manufacturers in this field that operates its own EMC development lab to ensure product conformity to these demanding standards. When we test, we go beyond the required standards, even subjecting our units to Electrical fields of over 10V/m and Electrostatic discharges of over 12kV. 
These EMC test results, and the effort put into attaining them are a clear demonstration of Comlab's commitment to developing top-quality products for use in the broadcast and wireless telecom industries. 
To see a video of some tests performed in our lab, go to our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/davicomvideos?ob=0&feature=results_main
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