16 April 2007

Davicom introduces its Next Generation MiniMAC at NAB2007

Smaller than the MAC, but just as smart! Visit us at booth N5413 in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 16th to 19th.

Davicom introduces its Next Generation MiniMAC, the ideal remote monitoring and control system for sites having only one transmitter.


The Next Generation MiniMAC shares many features with its big brother, the MAC, but has a limited number of Inputs/Outputs (8 metering inputs, 16 status inputs, 2 audio inputs, 8 internal relays and 1 reach-through serial port), and cannot be expanded.


Although smaller, it is as smart as the MAC. Both the MAC and MiniMAC have 128 logic gates, 128 virtual relays and 16 mathematical calculations to program complex functions. Both have 128 timers to program time-based events or alert different people depending on the day and time. The MiniMAC also shares the same firmware (new version 5) as its big brother, offering bilingual voice and screen capability (supporting Unicode character sets), multiple alarm-call lists, a user-defined log, and much more…


Configuration and control of the MiniMAC is ensured by the included MacComm software version 5, which allows customized view screens for each user and site.


Also, drop by for a sneak peak at the upcoming SuperMAC Firmware. Present owners of Next Generation MAC units will soon be able to upload that new firmware for free. This will allow them to network units together, so that their system grows as their site grows.


Up to 8 MAC units can be networked for a super-capacity of up to 128 metering inputs, 256 status inputs, 256 physical relays, 1024 virtual relays and 1024 virtual logic gates.


Looking forward to seeing you at stand N5413 for a demonstration of our next generation MiniMAC and SuperMAC remote monitoring and control systems for the broadcast industry.





Register at www.nabshow.com 

Use Davicom Source Code KB1356


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