14 November 2006

Comlab’s CEO, John Ahern, demonstrates the Next Generation Davicom MAC to broadcast engineers from the Los Angeles area.

The demonstration was held on November 14, 2006 in collaboration with SBE Chapter 47 and SCMS Inc, an authorized Davicom distributor represented by Doug Tharp.

The 21 participants gathered for a rib lunch at the Holiday Inn Media Centre in Burbank. Following lunch they were able to see a Next Generation Davicom MAC unit in action. Through the hotel’s wireless IP connection, Ahern was also able to connect to remote sites in Canada and the UK, and obtain live status over the 128-bit encrypted communications link.
Next Generation MAC units now have 16 alarm-call lists for time-based or event-based alarms. They support two languages (English/Spanish for example) for screen displays as well as for the voice response system. They are DST-2007 ready and offer lots of new features.
MAC units allow enhanced site security through the use of multiple sensors monitored 24/7. With the dramatic rise in copper prices, participants reported numerous vandalism and theft incidents in the Los Angeles area. Vandals cut the base grounding systems, made of copper mesh or solid copper sheeting. In some instances, critical amounts of copper were removed and some components were damaged.  Davicom, a division of Comlab, is investigating possible solutions to adequately monitor the health of site grounding systems with the MAC systems.


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