18 November 2005

Comlab and Radica were at SBES 2005, Birmingham, UK, November 16-17

In collaboration with Radica, Comlab presented the secure-IP Davicom MAC and user-customizable MacComm software at the SOUND BROADCASTING EQUIPMENT SHOW®, the UK's only show dedicated entirely to SOUND BROADCASTING.

Remote site monitoring and control made secure and user-friendly!


Comlab and Radica were proud to present the secure-IP Davicom MAC site monitoring and control unit. The Davicom MAC offers 128-bit encryption, the highest level of protection offered for Internet communications. With the secure-IP Davicom MAC, you can now access and control your remote site configuration through any Ethernet connection (LAN, WAN or the Internet). Moreover, the secure-IP Davicom MAC allows remote monitoring and control without increasing long-distance costs since alarms generated by the system are sent to a local server via IP (e-mail and SNMP traps).


Moreover, the new MacComm 4.20 user-customizable interface allows you to give your Davicom MAC system a personalized look reflecting the exact setup of the equipment installed at the site. It also allows separate monitoring of different plants at the same transmission site.