DavNet is an optional Network Operations Center management software that collects alarms and data from large networks of Davicom units. DavNet can redirect alarms to external printers, e-mail, SMS text message and SNMP traps. DavNet also includes a built-in web server to give external users access to NOC data and to Davicom units.

DavLink is the Windows-based software program used for communications, control and configuration of Davicom units, and the latest version is included with each unit purchased. By registering on the Davicom website, unit owners with older versions of MacComm can download the latest release which offers extended functionalities**.

Firmware is the internal control program containing all of the functions of the unit. It is installed directly in the unit's Flash Memory at the factory.**

Dav2You App is a mobile App that brings you the exact information you need, when you need it and where you need it. You can connect to any Davicom DV-208/216 or DV-Mini unit and get user-defined site information within seconds.

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