Audio selector 4 x 1. NOTE--Requires PS-51212 or ILPS-51212 Power Supply!

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The AS-04 is a bi-directional stereo Audio Switcher.  It can select one of four audio channels and connect it to the output channel. It can also work in reverse, sending one input audio channel to any of the four output channels.



  • Switching between channels can be done manually by the on-site operator or remotely;
  • LEDs indicate which channel is actually switched;
  • Selection of mono (left channel) or stereo is done by setting the appropriate internal jumpers;
  • Front panel commands can be deactivated globally by the Remote/Local switch or individually by setting the appropriate internal jumpers;
  • Tally output available to indicate active channel via a remote monitoring & control unit like Davicom unit.

Use the AS-04 for:


Broadcast Facilities

Use the AS-04 to switch between main and standby audio signals. The AS-04 is an excellent accessory to the Davicom remote monitoring & control unit, providing switching of audio channels upon detection of loss of signal.


Museums, theme parks and public transportation facilities

The AS-04 can be used to quickly change feeds, such as the audio source in an information kiosk or a subway car. The unit may be used with the Scientel Dual Audio Presence Detector DAPD-01 for automatic switching to back-up sources upon loss of original signal.


600 Ohms , sealed relay
Control Input
External dry contact (internal pull-up resistor)
or EIA compatible
Power Requirements
+12 VDC Regulated, 120 mA
Connectors (Input & Output)

Audio & Control - Weidmuller - BL2 Series

Operating Temperature

+40°F to 104°F

+5°C to 40°C


1 5/8 x 4 1/4 x 12 in (H x W x D)

4.1 x 10.8 x 30.5 cm

Scientel Rack-Mount Tray to mount up to four units in a single rack space

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