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What's new with Firmware & Software 5.48

Firmware version 5.48
Added support for Davicom DADS-01 device;
Web Browser connection opens in custom view screen;
Mobile Web now has configurable custom views;
Remote commands can now operate over serial connections;
Added ability to disable Pause Mode on Comm Loss for Modbus slaves;
Added 2's Complement and Binary Offset coding schemes in Modbus setup;
Added Quick Commands Configuration Wizard to simplify setup of DTMF telephone commands;
SNMP Agent/Manager is now SNMP v3 compliant;
Added ABCD coefficients in SNMP GETs;
Can now use asterisk (*) as a wildcard in SNMP Manager Trap OIDs;
Added Remote Web Access to site peripherals;
Can now select TLS or SSL for enhanced e-mail security;
Updated Time Zone date to IANA version 2012D;
Data Logging for SNMP GETs is now operational;
Davicom unit can now bridge PPP and IP connections for backup site access;
Modbus slave ID flags xM0y now usable as operands in VLG's and as Qualifiers.
... and more to come in future Firmware releases!
DavLink Software version 5.48
Supports SNMP v3 agent and manager;
Added ABCD coefficients for SNMP GETs;
Added support for Davicom DADS-01;
Added ability to adjust Audio Monitoring volume level;
Supports Remote Web Access to site peripherals (direct integration of equipment URL's);
Modbus slave ID flags xM0y can now be used directly in the workspace.
Version 5.48 contains all features of previous version.
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